AIED 2024 Conference Scholarship

The purpose of the AIED 2024 Conference Scholarship is to support conference participants who fall into at least one of the following groups: 

1. Those who live and work in regions of the world that are underrepresented at AIED (e.g., Africa, Asia-Pacific, South America, and Western Asia). 

2. Those who belong to demographic groups underrepresented at AIED or in Higher Education in their country/region (e.g., minority ethnic groups, neurodiverse people, persons with disabilities, parents/caregivers). 

3. Those who need assistance with registration costs and/or would not be reimbursed by their institution.


Preference will be given to full-time PhD students and early career researchers who are able to physically attend the conference for an oral or poster presentation for any tracks including the main conference, Doctoral Consortium, and workshops. 

Note: Students who submitted a paper to the Doctoral Consortium (DC) are encouraged to apply for the AIED 2024 Conference Scholarship.


The AIED 2024 Conference Scholarship will cover the registration costs for on-site participation and/or travel subsidy. The exact amount of travel subsidy will be subject to need and funding availability, but it will be no more than 6,500.00 Brazilian Reais (~ US $1500).

Obligations of Recipients

The recipients of the scholarship will be expected to actively participate in the full conference. During the conference, recipients will be also asked to join the volunteer team. Failure of volunteer participation will disqualify the scholarship. 

After the conference, scholarship recipients will be required to send a short report describing their experience at AIED 2024 and how this has helped them.

Review process

The applications will be reviewed by AIED 2024 organizing committee members including the Diversity and Inclusion Chairs and the Conference General Chairs.


Scholarship recipients will be reimbursed after the conference against evidence of conference participation and the expenses incurred. The recipients will be also asked to submit the report of their conference experience.


To apply for the AIED 2024 Conference Scholarship, fill out the online application form indicating:

The application form:


The deadline for AIED scholarship applications is March 29, 2024 (AOE). 

The applicants will be notified of the outcome in two rounds:

First round: April 15, 2024


If you have any questions, please contact