About AIED


AIED 2024 will be the 25th edition of a longstanding series of international conferences known for high-quality and innovative research on AI-assisted systems and cognitive science approaches for educational computing applications. The AIED Society, which has already celebrated its 30th anniversary, organizes the AIED Society and aims to advance the science and engineering of intelligent human-technology ecosystems that support learning. It promotes rigorous research and development of interactive and adaptive learning environments for learners of all ages across all domains. 

The IAIED Society brings together a community of leading researchers by organizing not only the AIED conference series, but also the International Journal of AIED and other related activities. IAIED is also a member of the International Alliance to Advance Learning in the Digital Era (IAALDE), an alliance of research societies that focus on advances in computer-supported learning. 

An Executive Committee governs the IAIED Society according to the IAIED Constitution, which seeks to support AI in Education developments throughout the international community. Membership statistics show that over 1500 members from 40 countries have joined since the Society's launch on January 1, 1993. More details on the history of the society are recorded in a brief summary of IAIED's History. Details about the past conferences are also available on the IAIED website. 

Note that AIED is ranked A in CORE (top 16% of all 783 ranked venues), the well-known ranking of computer science conferences.